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Ramadhan and Eid 2022 Holidays

Dear Parents/Carers, This year, our 3 week closure this year will be broken down into 2 separate holidays. 2 weeks for Ramadan and 1 week for summer, as follows;

Saturday 23rd April 2022 - Friday 6th May 2022 (Ramadan) Monday 8th August 2022 - Sunday 14th August 2022 (Summer)

Please do not stop your standing orders for this period. Each month we charge for 4 weeks and during the longer months we provide tuition for 5 weeks, compensating for the 5 weeks of closure over the year (including 2 weeks in Winter).

All parents of Year 11 students must cancel their standing orders AFTER the payment for May 2022 has been made. Any sessions taken after June 1st will need to be paid for on an hourly, drop-in basis, charged at £11.50 per hour.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for choosing Smart Kids to help brighten the future of your children. Your support and feedback has been invaluable. We wish all our parents and pupils a lovely Ramadhan, Eid and Summer. We look forward to seeing you back after this break.

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