In today’s fast paced, competitive and achievement-driven world, many parents grow more and more concerned about their child’s future. The National Curriculum is becoming increasingly demanding each year, making student expectations higher than ever before. With a random, quick moving and forever changing curriculum, your child can become helpless, lost and confused at school; eventually becoming so overwhelmed by the curriculum, that it becomes almost impossible to catch-up.


Needless to mention, Covid-19 has caused children to fall further behind.

Our qualified, dedicated and trained tutors will expertly assess any gaps in your child's knowledge, taking your child back a little if necessary. Your child will work through each topic at a pace that allows them to master it before moving on to the next.


The Smart Kids environment is designed to help your child build their focus, concentration and independent learning, away from the distractions of home and school life. Tuition with Smart Kids is an affordable way to help your child build life-long learning skills that will play an essential role in their academic and professional lives, whilst making sure your child gets the best marks they can in their school exams.


With over 14 years experience we are a leading tutoring firm located in the heart of Huddersfield, but we don’t let it go to our heads. We dedicate ourselves to every student of ours and support them as much as we possibly can.


Your student will be taught by expert tutors every time. We make sure we have the most experienced professionals teaching. All of our tutors are either QTS qualified or a degree in the subject they're teaching. 


You’ll find all the support your child needs to make sure that education runs smoothly. We’re here to help with any questions. Being Ofsted certified we provide our service in compliance with Ofsted rules, regulations and standards.


We make sure your child is in a safe and secure environment during tuition time; both online and in-centre. As we are in unprecedented times with the current Covid-19 pandemic we are making sure that all Covid-19 and Ofsted guidelines are strongly being adhered to at all times by. 


You will be informed of any concerns regarding your child’s progress. We understand that investing into your child’s education comes with hopes and aspirations; we regularly inform parents of their child’s progress through the monthly Report Book.