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Due to recent world changing events, here at Smart Kids Huddersfield LTD we've had to make many changes in order to create a safe learning environment for all kids.

Due to the recent global pandemic may children have been affected in regards to their education. With lockdowns at local and national levels, along with students having to quarantine due to covid-19 cases, children are facing hard challenges ahead.

Children haven fallen behind of up to 6 months of their education, resulting in struggling students, facing more struggles to keep up.

Therefore, here at Smart Kids Huddersfield, we have created a covid-19 secure learning environment, by having the following safety measures in place;

  1. Upon arrival temperature will be taken of all students

  2. Upon arrival all students will be given hand sanitiser to apply

  3. All students will need to wear a mask at all times whilst at the centre

  4. Classroom layouts have been adjusted to create 2 metre space between students

  5. Students will need to bring their own stationary from home

  6. One way system, where students enter from the front door & exit from the back door

  7. Tables and chairs are wiped down after each session

  8. All staff are equipped with face shields/masks and hand sanitisers

  9. The centre has Covid-19 rules and regulations around the centre and members of staff are making sure they are being followed strictly

  10. All parents are told to make enquiries via phone or email as in centre meetings are no longer allowed

However, as there are many safety measures in place the government may still call for a lockdown in which our centre may have to close. If such a situation arises we are prepared to switch over to online teaching on a temporary basis until restrictions are lifted.

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